Today we’ll be slicing and dicing the Saints’ win/loss record from 2006-2016.  What was the Saints’ record against playoff teams?  What was their record on grass?  We’ll cover these and more in this installment.   All stats courtesy of

Let’s start off with the overall regular season record.   Saints are 101-75 (.574) since 2006, which is the 7th best winning percentage in the league over those 11 seasons, and one of only eight teams with 100+ wins.  Top team was NE, followed by GB, IND, PIT, DEN, and BAL.

Next up, we’ll look at home games.  Saints’ home record is 55-33 (.625) 10th best in the league.  Best home team is NE at 75-13 (.852).  Now, road games.  Saints’ road record is 46-24 (.523), good enough for 9th best, and one of only nine teams with a winning road record over these 11 seasons.  New England is #1 with a staggering 63-25 (.716) road record.  Geez, Louise.  Nobody else is over 58%.

What about when the opponent was a playoff team that year?  In this case the record was 25-37 (.403).  That’s not great, but compared to the rest of the league, not too bad, actually.  This, like the overall record, is the 7th best record in the league.  Only one team had a winning record against playoff teams.  Can you guess who it was?  I’ll bet you can.  NE was 35-20 (.636) against playoff teams.  Wow.

What about against teams with winning records?  It’s more or less the same situation as against playoff teams.  Saints winning percentage was 40%, 7th best.  NE was #1 again, with a 62.7% record against winning teams.  (I believe this to be against teams that ended the season with winning records as opposed to having a winning record at the time the game was played.)

What about when playing on grass?  It should, of course, be noted here that playing on grass infers the game is a road game.   Thus, to compare the Saints’ record on grass against teams that play home games on grass isn’t really fair.  For that reason, I’ll set the criteria here to pull up only the results for road games on grass for all teams.  Saints’ record on the road on grass is 28-26 (.519), which is 10th best in the league.   #1 is, of course, New England at 28-14 (.667).

What about in domed stadiums?  Similar to above, comparing the Saints to other teams who only play in domes in road games would be unfair to the rest of the league, so this time we’ll only be considering road games in domes.  Saints record in road games against dome teams is 10-8 (.556), good enough for 10th best.  Best team surprisingly isn’t New England this time.  It’s Indy, with a 6-1 (.857) record on the road in domes.  The Jets are 2nd best (another surprise), followed by NE and (biggest surprise yet) the Browns at 5-2 (.714).

What about prime time games (after 7:00 — local time presumably)?  Saints have really excelled in these games, with a 26-14 (.650) record, good enough for 3rd best.  Best was Seattle at 23-7-1 (.758), followed by, wait for it…, New England at 33-13 (.717).

What about division games?  Saints are a strong 38-28 (.576) in division games, 8th best in the league.  (None of the teams ahead of the Saints are in the NFC South.)  The top teams are the usual suspects: NE, GB, IND, PIT, BAL, SEA, DEN, and the Saints.

What about non-conference games?  Saints are 23-21 (.523) against the AFC, 15th best in the NFL against the opposite conference.  New England has owned the NFC: 35-9 (.795).

What about against non-playoff (i.e, bad) teams?  Saints are 70-35 (.667) against non-playoff teams.  This is 13th best in the league.  Best team is no surprise: NE is 93-17 (.845) against non-playoff opponents.  25 of the 32 NFL teams have winning records against non-playoff opponents.  The 7 exceptions are RAMS, OAK, WAS, TB, JAX, CLE, and MIA.

Now let’s just look at games 1 through 4.  (Yeah, I’m dreading this one, too.)  Saints are 22-22 (.500) in games 1 through 4 (not weeks 1 through 4, *games* 1 through 4).  This is 18th best in the league.  It’s not good, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.  Saints have really struggled in recent years out of the gate.

Now for games 5 through 8 (2nd quarter of the season).  Here the Saints are 2nd best in the league at 31-13 (.705).  Only NE is better at 34-10 (.773).  Why do the Saints struggle out of the gate, and then turn it around over the next 4 games?  Beats me.  All I know is these slow starts have killed the team in recent years.

Following the same theme, games 9 through 12 is next.  Saints are 24-20 (.545), which is tied for 9th best with 3 other teams.  Best team is, well, I don’t even have to tell you this one.

Closing out the season in games 13 through 16, the Saints are 24-20 (.545), good enough for 10th best (tied with 4 other teams).  New England is 37-7 (.841) closing out the season strongly.  This is very impressive considering they probably “rested starters” more than a few games in those final games.

Just one more before I wrap this up.  This time we’ll be looking at game time temperatures of 32 degrees F or below.  In other words, below freezing.  Saints are only 1-3 (.250) in such games, but of course, they’re all road games and with such a small sample size, it’s hard to draw any firm conclusions.  Best cold weather teams: New England, Green Bay, and Pittsburgh, no surprises there.NFL win loss 2006-2016