In this blog entry I decided to just touch upon some of the 2006-2016 stats, as in which team had the most [insert stat here].   All stats are from (regular season only).  I’ll give the top few teams, the bottom few teams, and where the Saints were ranked for each of these stats.

Which team had the best record?  That would be New England.  Patriots won 138 games.  2nd was Green Bay with 114.  Indy, Pit, Denver,  Baltimore, New Orleans (7th place), Dallas, Seattle, and San Diego round out the top 10.  Saints were one of eight teams with 100+ wins.  Cleveland was the worst with only 52 wins. Browns, Rams, Jags, Raiders, Lions, Bucs, Skins, and Bills were the 8 franchises with 100+ losses.

Which team scored the most points?  That would be New England (5217).  Saints came in 2nd with 4849 points.   Green Bay, San Diego, and Philly round out the top 5.  Bottom of the barrel was the Rams (2994), the only team with fewer than 3000 points.  Rams, Raiders, Jags, and Bucs round out the bottom 5.

Which team gave up the most points?  That would be Detroit (4462).  Rounding out the “top” 5: Raiders, Rams, Jags, and Saints.  “Bottom” 5: Steelers, Patriots, Ravens, Seahawks, and Bengals.

Which team had the highest scoring games (both teams’ combined scores)?  That would be the Saints.  Hey!  Saints made #1.  Ooh yeah!  Average points scored in all Saints games in these 11 years was 51.42.  Rounding out the top 5: New England, Green Bay, Philly, and San Diego.  (Interestingly, the top 6 teams in this category all had winning records.  Only team in the top 12 with a losing record: Detroit.)  Lowest scoring games: Browns, Rams, Ravens, Niners, and Chiefs.  Only team in the bottom 6 with a winning record was Baltimore.

Which team had the best point differential (outscored their opponents by the most average points)?  That would be New England.  Rounding out the top 5: Green Bay, Pittsburgh, San Diego, and New Orleans.  Worst teams in point differential: Rams, Raiders, Browns, Jags, and Bucs.

Which team had the most penalties?  That would be the Raiders.  Raiders averaged just under 8 penalties (7.93) called on them per game.   Rams, Ravens, Cowboys, and Lions round out the “top” 5.  Least penalized teams were: Colts, Falcons, Patriots, Dolphins, and Jets.  Saints were the 9th least penalized team, averaging 5.84 penalties assessed against them per game.

Which team’s opponents had the most penalties?  That would be Arizona.  Rounding out the top 5 for opponents getting the most penalties called against them: Packers, Giants, Vikings, and Lions.  Least penalized opponents were: Jags, Jets, Bills, Panthers, and Cowboys.  Saints opponents had the 9th fewest penalties called against them.

Which team had the most total yards?  That would be the Saints, who averaged 405 yards/game.  Rounding out the top 5: Patriots, Eagles, Packers, and Cowboys.  Least total yards:  Rams, Browns, Niners, Raiders, and Bills.

Which team allowed the most total yards?  That would be the Browns.  Rounding out the “top” 5: Saints, Lions, Falcons, and Raiders.  Teams allowing the least total yards: Steelers, Ravens, Jets, Seahawks, and Texans.

Which team had the most 1st downs?  That would be New England.  Rounding out the top 5: Saints, Colts, Eagles, and Broncos.  Least 1st downs?  Niners, Rams, Browns, Raiders, and Bills.

Which team had the best 3rd down conversion percentage?  That would be the Saints (47.5%), followed by: Patriots, Colts, Chargers, and Packers.  Worst 3rd down conversion percentage?  Rams, Niners, Raiders, Bills, and Browns.

Which team went for it on 4th down the most times?  That would be Jacksonville, followed by Rams, Raiders, Browns, and Chiefs.  Most 4th down risk averse teams were: Chargers, Colts, Cowboys, Steelers, and Panthers.  Saints went for it on 4th down the 7th most times in the league (and converted 53.4% of them).   Saints had the 5th best 4th down conversion %.  Tops were Patriots, Bengals, Cowboys, and Cardinals.  Worst 4th down %: Bucs, Rams, Raiders, Broncos, and Giants.  4th down conversion percentages were substantially higher than 3rd down conversion percentages.  This stands to reason since teams won’t normally go for it on 4th and long, but will always go for it on 3rd and long.  4th down conversions percentage: 49.07%, 3rd down: 38.85%.

Which team turned the ball over (gave it away) the most?  Cards, Lions, Raiders, Bears, and Jets.  Stingiest teams were: Patriots, Packers, Falcons, Seahawks, and Chiefs.  Saints had the 11th fewest turnovers.

Which team forced the most turnovers?  That would be (surprisingly) the Bears.  Rounding out the top 5: Patriots, Cardinals, Packers, and Panthers.  Teams forcing the fewest turnovers: Jags, Skins, Dolphins, Saints, and Raiders.

Which team had the most rushing yards?  Panthers, followed by Vikings, Jets, Eagles, and Chiefs.  Least rushing yards: Lions, Cardinals, Colts, Browns, and Rams.  Saints had 6th fewest rushing yards.

Which team had the most rushing TD’s?  Patriots, followed by Vikings, Panthers, Saints, and Eagles.  Least rushing TD’s: Rams, Bucs, Browns, Raiders, and Bears.

Which team gave up the fewest punt returns for TD’s?  Interestingly, the top 3 were all in the NFC South: Atlanta, Tampa Bay, and New Orleans, followed by Pittsburgh and Buffalo.  Which team gave up the most punt returns for TD’s?  That would be Carolina, another NFC South team, followed by: Vikings, Colts, Lions, and Redskins.

Which team gave up the fewest kick return TD’s?  Atlanta, followed by Buffalo, Arizona, Seattle, and the New York Football Giants.  Most kick return TD’s allowed: Steelers, Raiders, Colts, Lions, and Rams.  Saints gave up 14th fewest kick return TD’s.

Which team served up the most pick-sixes?  That would be the Rams, followed by Jags, Saints, Lions, and Jets.  Least pick-sixes given up?  Seattle, followed by New England, Green Bay, Oakland, and San Francisco.

That’s gonna wrap it up for now.  If you have a stat you’d like me to look up for you along the lines of these I provided, leave a comment and I’ll see if it’s available.NFL wins since 2006