A statistical look at the Saints’ next opponent, Denver.

Per drive stats
Points per drive: 1.80 (17th)
Yards per drive: 26.9 (29th)
Turnover percentage: 12.0% (21st)
Scoring percentage: 35.2% (17th)

Points per drive: 1.51 (6th)
Yards per drive: 26.5 (5th)
Turnover percentage: 12.4% (10th)
Scoring percentage: 31.4% (9th)

It’s not surprising at all to find them top 10 in all of the defensive stats above. The offensive stats are a bit surprising though. I wouldn’t have expected them to be 29th in yards per drive, but the scoring percentage and points per drive numbers are about as expected, which is pretty average at 17th. They’re turning the ball over and forcing turnovers at about the same rate (12% ish).

Overall stats
Passing offense
Passer rating: 86.3 (23rd)
Yards per game: 226.6 (25th)
Sack percentage: 6.1% (18th)
Adjusted net yards/attempt: 6.1 (19th)
TD:INT ratio: 12:6
EXP: 7.26 (25th)

Passing defense
Passer rating: 67.2 (1st)
Yards per game: 183.3 (1st)
Sack percentage: 8.2% (3rd)
Adjusted net yards/attempt: 4.1 (1st)
TD:INT ratio: 6:8
EXP: 43.43 (2nd)

Yikes! This is a great pass defense, folks. We’ll look at the run defense numbers below, but just looking at that pass defense, it’s a really, really good thing the Saints have recently discovered a running game. Passing offense doesn’t scare me, as it is very pedestrian, below average across the board. It’s gonna be a great matchup with the Saints passing offense versus this passing defense.

Rushing offense
Yards per game: 96.8 (23rd)
Yards per attempt: 3.8 (27th)
Rushing TD’s: 8 (13th)
EXP: -25.52 (21st)

Rushing defense
Yards per game: 128.6 (29th)
Yards per attempt: 4.4 (21st)
Rushing TD’s: 9 (24th)
EXP: 18.28 (15th)

While their pass defense is excellent, the rush defense is very sub par. The 29th ranking in yards/game is a real eye-opener. Saints should be able to run the ball against this team. Note also, the Broncos are likely to be without one of their defensive linemen, Wolfe, which probably won’t help their run defense any.