Following power rankings are purely statistical in nature (as opposed to being based on subjective evaluations or win/loss records).  These are done by combining the EXP ratings from for offenses and defenses.  Higher the number the better.  The EXP numbers reflect the expected points each of the various statistics used would provide for each team.  The EXP value is the number to the left.

Note that because win/loss records aren’t taken into account there are some 3-1 teams (L.A. Rams) very low in the power rankings, while 1-3 teams (Arizona Cardinals) have very high rankings.  One blowout win or loss followed by 3 close games can result in skewed stats such that the team’s record isn’t necessarily reflective of the power ranking.

63.29  Philadelphia Eagles
49.21 Denver Broncos
32.85 Atlanta Falcons
30.87 Minnesota Vikings
30.59 Dallas Cowboys
25.13 Arizona Cardinals
24.89 Buffalo Bills
22.95 Pittsburgh Steelers
22.42 Seattle Seahawks
16.11 San Diego Chargers
13.57 Green Bay Packers
12.39 Houston Texans
4.25 New England Patriots
3.3 Baltimore Ravens
1.2 Carolina Panthers
0.22 Cincinnati Bengals
-1.88 Oakland Raiders
-13.97 Cleveland Browns
-14.06 Jacksonville Jaguars
-14.93 New Orleans Saints
-16.1 New York Giants
-17.59 Tennessee Titans
-18.95 Washington Redskins
-19.13 Kansas City Chiefs
-20.63 New York Jets
-22.85 San Francisco 49ers
-22.87 Chicago Bears
-26.4 Detroit Lions
-30.67 Miami Dolphins
-31.97 Los Angeles Rams
-34.14 Indianapolis Colts
-47.1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers