Per Drive Stats after Week 4

Points per drive: 2.51 (4th)
Yards per drive: 34.8 (7th)
Scoring percentage: 42.2% (7th)
Turnover percentage: 8.9% (8th)
Plays per drive: 6.3 (6th)

Points per drive: 2.61 (31st)
Yards per drive: 38.3 (30th)
Scoring percentage: 47.7% (29th)
Turnover percentage: 13.6% (11th)
Plays per drive: 6.3 (25th)


These stats are all as of Monday morning, and possibly the rankings part could change some after the Giants and Vikings play.

Saints offense continues to be solidly in the 10 statistically speaking. Defense continues to be bottom feeders. Only real bright spot remains the turnover percentage at 11th. That’s very solid for the Saints.

The most recent game against the Chargers the defense was bad as usual in the first half, but after some adjustments (got more aggressive with the blitzing and played more man coverages) the defense played their best half of football all year. If they can build on that performance coming out of the bye we could realistically hope for marked improvements in defense as the year progresses.

If you *only* look at the 2nd half numbers and project them out (such as if the Saints had played all 8 halves this year the same way) Saints defense would have some pretty good middle-of-the-pack rankings (15th or 16th) in points and yards allowed on the year. With the offense the Saints have, that would be more than good enough to have a playoff caliber team. Problem is, they started off 0-3, which is a big hole to climb out of. We’ve also seen them play reasonably well one week (e.g. 1st half week 1 against the Raiders) and then not be able to follow it up with consistency in the weeks that follow.